Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Susas at S and S Gallery

My friend Rose Borchovski is opening a new exhibition of her work the Last Susa at the S&S gallery of fine art. The official opening is Thursday, May 21, at 1-2pm SLT, I am told.

I should decare an interest at this point. Rose asked me to come up with some minimalist music for the exhibition she was preparing. Now, I don't usually do minimalist, but I thought about it and played around a bit, and the end result can be heard in the room with the striking pictures.

If you would like to hear my music - including one version of the Angelic music of the Susas, it can be found on my MySpace page.

Do visit the exhibition though - it's meant to work as a whole piece, and I think it does :-).

Edited May 18 to add details of official opening.

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