Sunday, June 1, 2008

Angelic Haven opens

The Angel Haven and Ascension Isle, which lives on Goa Island, recently opened to the public. Peacesoul Destiny, owner of the Isle and the Angel Haven and Asecension group, explained a little about the angelic things on offer there.

"Goa is about offering residents the opportunity to explore themselves," she explained. "Also hopefully to enrich both their SL and RL lives with the work of the Angels and ascended masters. I hope it is a place where peace, relaxation, comtemplation and meditition can be achieved."

I asked how she came to be offering angelic guidance, and Peacesoul told me: "The Angels I work with are the Angels of the Angelic Realm. There is an angel for everything that u can call upon, and of course at the birth of our soulw e are assigned a Guardian Angel or as what some people term as higher self. This is where our moments of inspiration and intuition often arise from."

The island includes undersea areas, a coral reef and water sports, a tower, a pyramid.

Peacesoul explained that she had started a psychology degree, intending to help other people, but had been do drawn to the spiritual therapy work that she is doing now, that she had taken up holistic work. She started out with friends and family and expanded the business from there, and has now been working for thirteen years. "I felt connected with Angels and was very intuitive working alongside them."

I noticed that Peacesoul was charging for access and asked why she had decided to organise things that way?

"At the outset Haven was free access and was simply a gift to SL. Unfortunately this was abused and the membership acts as a filter. It's one of the things about being in a virtual world, sometimes people will do here what they wouldn't dream of doing in real life, simply because at the click of a button they can be elsewhere and thus not have to accept responsibility. It's only 12 lindens for 24 hours of access or 250 lindens as a one off fee."

Peacesoul explained that she plans to run some classes on meditation and mantra evenings open to all. Yesterday evening there was a spiritual disco, with spiritual music, which was enjoyed by all, and every Saturday the island will be open to all at 2 pm PDT. Until Tuesday next week, Haven is open to all, so why don't you have a look at what's on offer over this weekend?