Saturday, March 1, 2008

No 7 in Second Life

Stumbled over the No 7 in Second Life blog in searching for something entirely different.

I don't know how highly I rate the blog, but I certainly like the idea that they have started making skins to represent the make up which the Boots celebrity make up artist recommends for each season. It sounds like a bargain... I am curious to know what they decided to do about the rest of the body, particularly the pubic hair/no public hair decision. And how the resident skin makers regard this encroachment.

I just wonder if the understated look which will suit people in RL translates to Second Life. Most people would hesitate to appear in public with the amount of make up that avatars wear... or the lack of clothes.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the No 7 blog (even if you can't make up your mind about my ramblings!)

    We never debated the whole hair/no hair thing, I guess partly because we hadn't really bought any skins between us that offered this option. No idea on what we might do next time!

    The Spring look is not particularly understated in RL, so was actually really good to translate to SL, as its really bright and tropical, so perfect for the endless summer we can enjoy in SL!


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