Monday, March 10, 2008

Business Exchange on Facebook (and Metanomics too)

In one of those weirdnesses of synchronicity, I decided to set up a facebook group for the Business Exchange in Second Life yesterday morning, and then got a message about six hours later that a group had been set up for Metanomics too.

I'm not sure how useful a facebook group is going to be, but thought it couldn't hurt to try it. The problem I see is that Facebook has soo many groups, a bit like SL. And people are continually setting up new ones. I do try to check before making my own group, but it is clear that not everyone does.

The Metanomics event this evening is an interview with Richard Bartle, and someone on the Metanomics facebook group suggested that one should take the Bartle personality test for MMORPGs. Unfortunately, SL not being an MMORPG, it didn't make a lot of sense to me, and I lost interest once I had thought one too many time... actually, I don't much care whether I butcher a monster alone or with friends... monster butchering is just not my cup of tea....

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