Friday, December 21, 2007

Moving SL content to other worlds sparks debate

Oclee draws my attention to a page on the Crystal Studio blog, in which they demonstrate that they are able to rip content from SL and place it into other game engines. He also helpfully provides a link to an animated discussion going on in the SL forums until a Linden stomps on the resmod's ability to allow debate.

This certainly opens up a whole can of worms. Did they get permission to rip the content shown on their demo from SL? If they did, it is strange that no acknowledgement is given on the page. If they did not, it rather undermines the credibility of their statement that they will ensure that content is owned by you before they rip it out of SL and into another world.

On the other hand... the possibility for being able to take the things you make in SL and export them as useable items or builds in other worlds is a seductive one. The problem that if they can do that for you then other people can do it with things that don't belong to them... seems to me that a whole new area of law is opening up, and I am not sure in which direction I should hope it goes.

Postscript: Oclee dashes my hopes that this might be a viable option for moving things between one world and another, with his opinion that you would get a lot of subpar unoptimised meshes using this technique and that it might well be quicker to build things from scratch. Sometimes I prefer the rose tinted glasses that being a non-techie gives me!

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