Sunday, October 29, 2017

Free Stuff for Halloween in Second Life 2: attachments and clothing from COCO

COCO is one of my favourite designers in Second Life.  The SLURL for Coco designs is here.  They also have some of the best freebies in Second Life too!  You need to join their group in order to get them, but the group is one of the good ones which doesn't spam you all the time, and relies on you to check the sim from time to time for anything new.

At the SLURL, go into the second doorway from the right (ie not the discount area door) and the wall of freebies is right in front of you.

They have some very good freebies for Halloween, as can be seen from this picture of group gifts.  There is also the awesome pair of ThighHighBoots in vampish red.

Witchy shoes, Wednesday costume, Pumpkin staff and Witch hat from COCO designs.

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