Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Misty's Goodbye

I was fired as a mole last Friday.  I've probably already written more than I should have done about that.  I made a video, whilst regretting the many photographs trapped in my inaccessible mole account.

At the moment I wnt to hide in the wardrobe and wait for everything to pass. It's hard to explain to anyone who hasn't spent a lot of time in virtual worlds, but it's a shock being suddenly cut off from an avatar which has become part of your identity. There's a general sadness at losing something that was part of my life for five years.

I'm going to do a tour of some of the places I built but didn't have photographs for, and maybe I'll make another video when I have time. Currently I am mostly trapped in the real world, packing boxes and cleaning up the house before it's sold.

I'm lucky to have made such a lot of friends in Second Life. I didn't have images of a number of moles who left some time ago - Igneous, Earthy, Macho, and Abnor were all missing from the list. All will be well. It's obviously a time for changes in my life - in every life.

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  1. Goodbye Misty: you have left behind some wonderful things; now on to new adventures as Caliandris!


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