Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Petites and Tinies

There are some very cute petite avatars available at the moment, and some people have been asking me the difference between Tinies and Petites.  A petite is a small-scale avatar which is proportionally the same as a full-scale human avatar.  The normal avatar is hidden and the mesh petite avatar is rigged to move like the original avatar... this means that petites can use human-scale animations.  I am wearing my full-size animation override HUD with this fairy avatar, and it works just fine.

Of course, petites don't fit human-scale furniture or clothing, so if a petite sits on a human-scale chair she will probably sit in the right pose, but be buried in the chair or floating above it.  Petites can't wear system clothing, they have to have special mesh clothes, shoes, attachments, and hair.  You can adjust skins for use with modable petites, and there are instructions on how to do that here.

Petite Yabu fairy with a various attachments

Tinies are generally little furries, chunky and small.  They have the main avatar folded up inside them, and therefore they need special animations to be able to move correctly. 

If a petite sits on a tiny chair, she gets folded up in a bizarre way, floating above the chair, as seen below.  If a tiny sits on a petite or human chair, his body will be scrambled, too.

This is what happens if a petite sits on a tiny chair....     

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