Saturday, May 14, 2011

Help Domenic Johanssen

I'm taking the unusual step of posting the same blog to all my blogs, no matter what their subject.

Domenic Johanssen was a happy child of two loving parents.  His parents were taking him to India from Sweden where they had been living, when officials boarded the plane and took Domenic away.  People who are told the story cannot believe that Domenic was removed from his parents on such flimsy grounds:  the Johanssens were planning to home educate (which was legal in Sweden at that time), they hadn't allowed him to have all the vaccinations, and he had two cavities in his baby teeth.

He has been in the care of the Swedish authorities since then, and repeated attempts to get him back have failed.  The separation has adversely affected the health of his mother and father, and the photograps of the child now compared to the child then make it obvious that he is far less happy in the care of the authorities than he was at home.

Th Swedish system seems to be a heartless and inhumane system which ignore human bonding and puts the interests of the family last in any decision.  I find it absolutely incomprehensible that a state in a civilised country could be allowed to behave like this.

I don't know what can be done.  I have written to judges and officials over the past two years.  In a place where home educating seems to be considered abuse, it is very very hard to know how to communicate with these people.

Everyone to whom I have told this story have been suspicious that there must have been another, hidden, reason for taking Domenic away from his parents, but that truly isn't the case.  If you can think of a way to publicise, or to put pressure on the Swedish authorities, please please let me know.

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