Saturday, November 28, 2009

Young Geoffrion Opening

I was fortunate to be online at just the right moment to be summoned by my friend Enjah Mysterio to the Mysterio gallery in Grignano, to see the opening of Young Geoffrion's show there.

It was a little difficult to find my way in; once the gallery rezzes properly one can see an entrance on the first floor and another on the roof.

I was stunned by the glowing colours of Young Geoffrion's work, and spent some time looking around at the variety of work. Some of the pieces reminded me strongly of Hundertwasser, one of my favourite artists. My favourite, which is called Florence, can be seen over Enjah's shoulder in the picture above.

There was a crowd of fahionable young residents looking through the scripted sketch book and around the exhibits, sipping wine or, Young Geoffrion's preference, cider.

At one stage a young man with a hammer and sickle welded to his back came in and started a political discussion.

The show will be on for a couple of months, and I fervently hope that Young Geoffrion will allow prints of the work, which would make wonderful Christmas presents, to be sold. Please do go and see it.

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  1. Thank you for attending Young's opening, Cali, it was a great pleasure to see you again. Her work is amazing, and I was thrilled to have her show at the gallery.


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