Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adult content announcement

The Linden blog announces a change in policy which means that adult content has to be flagged up and separated from the ordinary sims. You can read the announcement on the blog here.

I just think they have got this sooo wrong. Trying to forcibly move all the XXX sex clubs and shops out to an X rated area, seems to be the wrong way round to me. If people do not want to see X rated content, and want their whole experience to be PG, then why not make a PG rated area and allow people with current land in mixed areas opt to live in the PG land mass?

There's an awful lot of adult content in SL which isn't XXX. People have sex beds, photographs of their avatars naked, attachments and equipment that would fail the PG tests. Do they all have to separate themselves too?

I don't want my Second Life sanitised so that my aunt or daughter could go there without embarrassment. I like the rounded life my avatar leads, and I like being abe to leave all my adult responsibilities and roles at the door when I go into SL. I like being able to behave inappropriately or to talk inappropriately without having to worry if I am being watched by a minor or an elderly person who would be easily offended.

I'd say more, but I must get to bed.
Night night.

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