Friday, February 13, 2009

Robin Harper's farewell party

I received an invite for Robin Harper's leaving party. Robin Harper is Robin Linden, who is leaving Linden Lab. I'm not sure shy she's going or what she plans to do... and it seems possible neither does she.

Anyway, arrived to find lots of avatars already on Dublin. Ham Rambler playing music an speaking between records. Crashed out of Robin's farewell party once, twice, three times. So many people crammed onto Dublin for the party. Lots of names I haven't seen for a while, and so many names I know. Malburn asks if it is OK to tweet the location. Noooooooooooooooooooooo! I crash again. Irritatingly, it tells me I must wait for five minutes before logging in, and then when that is up, I must wait again another four minutes. Hence, I blog.

You can play spot the avatar on my picture... I had to print screen it, as taking a picture just wasn't happening for me in world. Oh yes, there's Phillip Linden... Prokofy Neva. And another two minutes to wait! I'm thinking they're on their way to taking not just Dublin, but the grid down. Ack, I miss all the best parties.... ANOTHER four minutes added to the time I must wait. Damn you Malburns Writer!

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