Monday, December 1, 2008

What I'm wearing now...

I realised today that although I have blogged a lot about Second Life, I have hardly ever blogged about the clothes and avatar stuff that I like. Which is strange because I have spent a lot of time and money on the appearance of my avatar, and I enjoy shopping for things in SL.

In the following descriptions, I have put the location full out, but if you click it, it will be an SLURL for the place. I hope that gives you the best of both worlds; the chance to use an SLURL or to note the location if you prefer. In each case I have tried to give you the location closest to the actual sales dispenser for the object I am recommending - but for some sims it will automatically send you to the telehub for the sim.

At the moment I am wearing: a woolly jumper from LeeZu Baxter (To The Nines 104,77,23) $180 dollars per colour or $540 for the fatpack , which has attachments to make the oversize sleeves look rumpled, a belt from Maitreya (Maitreya Isle 213, 240, 24) $190 each or $850 for the fatpack , a pair of jeans from Pixeldolls (Port Seraphine 192,38,257) $125 each colour or $400 for the fatpack , and boots from the incomparable Fallingwater Cellardoor's Shiny Things shop (Shiny Falls 230,156,37). As the jeans come with prim attachments for the bottom of the legs, I don't wear the upper calf part of the boots. They're $350 per colour, and come in two sizes. The regular fits my avatar. She has lots of other boots and shoes and a great pair of victorian ankle boots and lots of jewellery there too. The comfy boot is my favourite boot or shoe of all time though. If someone made it in RL I would buy it, no question.

I love the hair I bought from Mirai... (Takaraduka 179,214,32) I had to stop myself going crazy there buying about 20 different styles. This one is Suri and costs $200 for a two-colour pack. The hair is a clever mixture of prims and flexi, and the most realistic I have seen yet. I'm also using an animation overrider from Torrid. I love her walk, and I love the fly up, fly down anims that come with her overrider too. It's available in the same place as the jeans, at Port Seraphine (Port Seraphine 49, 76,257).

I'm not sure that my normal readership will care that I have laboured over this blog to bring you the details... if anyone shows the slightest interest I will gladly move on to outfit two.

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