Sunday, February 3, 2008

The love chain

One of the things which shocked me the most when I first came to Second Life, was how nice other people were to me. That may sound sad, but unfortunately in this day and age, most of the news that one hears about ordinary people is bad ... accidents, robberies, criminal acts of all sorts.

What amazed me was how kind and generous with both SL objects and their time and expertise people were. How easily they gave to others.

I was given a lot of help in my first weeks, from people who showed me how to build, to people who gave me their spare inventory and reassured me that all the talk of taxing the objects I had in world was just out of date stuff in the documentation.

In my turn, I have helped other people, both as a mentor, and as a friend. I have always shared my stuff with people if I thought they needed it. If they ask me how they can thank me, I always say the same thing: don't thank me, help someone else in your turn.

I have been prouder than a real-life grandparent when I have found that the people I have helped, have helped people in their turn, who have helped people. It's getting harder to do: people no longer wear a big green arrow on their heads to tell you they are a newbie -- in fact the aim appears to be to stop looking like a new avatar as quickly as possible -- and there are so many places for people to get in world nowadays.

Still, I hear people out and about asking for help, and invariably someone will help. It's a wonderful thing, pass it on.

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